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Where will you go? What will you skate? Find out today!

Now with split screen multiplayer!


Marty doing a safety grab 

From the hills to the city, Mizu is the rollerblading game you've always wanted. Link up tricks, go for a roll, and find creative ways to navigate the world!

What you can do in the game now:
- Skate! Cruise the mean streets of Mizopolis and just enjoy going for a skate
- Do stunts! Jump, spin, do grabs, slide railings and ledges!
- Explore! Mizu contains a large level to explore which will be expanding over time!

Some things that are not currently in the game that we're working on:
- Competitive and casual multiplayer modes
- Personalize your kit - We know your style is important and we're working on some exciting ways to let you express yourself.
- Rolling tricks, wall rides, handplants/hand drags, complex flatland maneuvers
- Fun sounds effects

By picking up Mizu at this low price you'll receive all future updates as well.


The main characters name is Marty. They are new in town and are still getting the place figured out. It's your job to explore the city and find everything there is to skate.

The City

Choose from 3 starting points. The map is made of 3 main sections, a Forest, Midtown, and Downtown. Inspired by 3 environments we love to skate in.

Mizu is currently in Early Access mode. For this game that means that things are still in a bit of a sandbox phase, and you may encounter unexpected behavior. All that considered - have fun!

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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